Toxic Waste

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Toxic Waste
Toxic Waste

A toxic waste disposal company was buying up land in my town under a seemingly harmless name. They were detected and stopped.

The canvas has a non-structural flaw (will not escalate into damaging the painting or its surface) just left of the person. If in perfect condition, I would charge $1000 for this. Despite the flaw this painting has won awards in local competitions.

The painting is Acrylic on 48"x20" canvas. It is gallery wrapped but the edges are not painted, however, it is mounted in a black wooden molding frame. The framed dimensions are 50" x 22"


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Angelique Renee' WashingtonP R O V A C A T I V E - R E A L I T Y - Blakk
-- Angelique Renee' Washington, 1/20/10